Special Services

Marital/ Couples Counseling

Our caring counselors will help you navigate through your relationship to gain insight and improve your connection. 

DBT & Trauma Groups

Our DBT & Trauma groups run weekly to provide a safe, educational and helpful environment for individuals to take control of their emotions.

Strong Girls

This monthly program promotes positive self esteem, anti bullying efforts, alcohol & drug prevention/education and, social emotional skill building. This group meets once per month.

Recovery & Substance Use Treatment & Education

Our recovery support services assist individuals who struggle with addiction reclaim their life. For more information, please request to speak to an addictions specialist. 

Anger Management Education

Anger Management Education allows clients to learn how to cope with their emotions. Our Anger Management program is a structured 12 hour class that provides basic tools to be proactive and not reactive in real life situations. 

Life Coaching

Are you at a place where you feel stuck in your career? Maybe you need accountability and assistance with planning and finding your purpose. Call us and we can match you with someone to help you get to the next level.